Musshayah Alfahhad




May 2019

“Every Thing Has Its Own Way of Being When You See It” don Juan

Work Experience

Jan 2014 - Dec 2014


FALL 2019 - SPRING 2014

About Me

“I am mischievous. The idea of taking risks and having real-world consequences energizes me.” Shepard Fairey.

In the realm of the academic environment and self-indoctrination, a philosophical and architectural form takes a definite, viewable structure. I find myself affirming the idea that architecture should arise from creativity, and out of raw construction. Meaning, the fundamental goal perceived by architecture is the artistic plea of truth to ambush the character of a building based on its purpose and its milieu. But, one must constantly keep in mind the significance of the landscape, the local and historical aspects of the region, and, obviously, the intricate details about the location where the building is built. To achieve that, we ought to differentiate between our knowledge of other minds or entities and our permissive idea of ‘we can know what another thinks or needs or wants, or even if another thinks or needs or wants at all.’

Architecture is one whole of surrounding fragments. I cannot trust both and wonder whether stitching all those architectural fragments together will, in fact, result in a monstrous creation.